An Advice Story

Complete Practice Management

Wealthcraft is part of the Office 365 cloud, a market-leading platform for security, keeping your data between you, your business and your clients safe. It offers seamless integration with Outlook Email allowing automatic tracking of all emails against the client, note taking, tasks and appointments from within the outlook client. What’s more you have familiar tools like MS Word and Excel integrated with Wealthcraft for a simple, seamless solution accessible from most devices.

Stay on task

From any device, easily assign tasks and activities so you can keep track of what everyone’s working on and when things are due.

Social collaboration

Communicate easily with colleagues about your clients, allowing to process in a more efficient manner.

All in one place

Store and maintain client data and documents centrally, so you can share the information with your team and with your client.


You can create and maintain alerts and reminders based on triggers or dates and ensure nothing is ever overdue.

Best practice

Configure your internal process so the same method is followed properly and compliantly every time.

One click

Bulk execute updates and changes across multiple clients enabling you to manage and improve your data in seconds.

Tell your story

You can deliver a tailored and targeted message with ease using our easy to design, personalised templates and newsletters.

Report Building And Financial Plan Generation

Build your own documents

DIY report design capability integrated with Microsoft Word allowing you access to your data in a familiar way.

Embed online imagery

Integrate 3rd party PDFs directly into your report, making it look like a unified document.

Set and forget

Automate saving and sending of reports on a schedule, allowing the delivery of scalable service.

Combine reports into one booklet

Consolidate multiple reports into a comprehensive financial plan and send directly to clients


Commission Splitting

Define default splits between your business and staff or on an ad-hoc basis to make sure everyone receives what is due to them.

Upfront Renewal and Trails

Automate charges from product and investment providers based on a predetermined or negotiated rate. Commissions are calculated based on the portfolio balances.

Keeping Track

Reconcile expected and received remuneration in a single area to allow you to mark off payments and ensure nothing is missed.

Multi-currency Commission Accounts

Maintain virtual accounts for every user in multi-currency, allowing them to see what they have made and what to expect come pay day.

Maintain a balance

Create recurring income and expenses to maintain a balance statement for all staff, allowing a natural audit of the cost of business.


Portfolio Valuations

Up to date daily valuations from a wide range of providers and still growing!