Cash Interest Policy


Morningstar Wealth Administration Limited retains all interest earned on client money and separately sets the rate of interest paid to customers. Morningstar Wealth Administration Limited aims to pay a competitive rate of interest to customers with a cash balance. Interest on cash balances held in the preceding month will be paid by the 10th working day of the subsequent month. Rates to be paid will be published below once confirmed and ahead of making the payment.

The policy on how interest rates are calculated and the level of the cash management charge is designed to be both simple and transparent. The rate paid to customers is based on Morningstar Wealth Administration Limited paying at least 50% of the interest earned on cash balances, subject to not receiving a cash management charge in excess of 1.5% of the cash balance held. Morningstar Wealth Administration Limited may at its discretion pay a rate of interest that is more than the above policy allows. Combine that with our responsive, follow-the-sun service, keen pricing and the fact that we genuinely want your business and we think we have something that might be a refreshing difference from the norm.

Interest Rates Detail

Details of the interest rates earned by Morningstar Wealth Administration Limited, the rate paid to customer and the resulting cash management charge.



Month Rate Earned Rate Paid Cash Management Charge
June 2024 5.07% 3.65% 1.42%
May 2024 5.08% 3.66% 1.42%
April 2024 5.05% 3.64% 1.41%
March 2024 5.07% 3.66% 1.42%
February 2024  5.06% 3.64% 1.42%
January 2024  5.08% 3.67% 1.41%
December 2023  5.06% 3.64% 1.42%
November 2023  5.06% 3.65% 1.41%
October 2023  5.04% 3.64% 1.4%
September 2023  5.06% 3.64% 1.42%

Note - rates published have been rounded up to the nearest 2 decimal places.

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