Discretionary Managers

Discretionary Managers

Some discretionary managers use us for their own advisory business through their in-house financial planners. Some simply choose to host their models on the platform because running them is simply easier here than elsewhere. They encourage their client firms to place assets where they know portfolios can be run efficiently (that’s here, in case we weren’t clear).

Here are a few of the things which we think make us a great partner for your discretionary investment management firm:

  • Your model weights float daily just as they do in a fund, so all investors are always in line with the model and with each other.
  • Because there is no drift, there is no unnecessary “rebalancing” and you are free to change strategies as and when you want to.
  • A modern technology interface for managing model portfolios with full online editing or bulk upload.
  • You can focus on strategy – our powerful rebalancing engine does the rest without the wrestling match you experience all too often on many platforms.

Combine that with our responsive, follow-the-sun service, keen pricing and the fact that we genuinely want your business and we think we have something that might be a refreshing difference from the norm.

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