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Protected: Supporting you through tax year end

05/04/2024 - Product news

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Don’t Let Communication Errors With Clients Become Dealbreakers

01/02/2024 - News

Learn how to prevent the little mistakes from adding up. Issues in communication can often be seen as inconsequential, which is reflected in how we talk about them—”verbal flubs,” “slip-ups,” “lapses in communication,” and so on. But these little turns of phrases belie the reality that miscommunication can be costly. In a recent study, we..

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Collective thinking and an open dialogue are the keys to developments advisers actually want

10/10/2023 - News

When it comes to hearing the needs and opinions of the advisers who use your platform, there’s no such thing as too much or too often, writes Steve Coleman Developing or improving products and services can only have great outcomes for advice professionals where the provider truly engages with them. Not just as a one-off..

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The seven signs of a progressive platform

30/08/2023 - News

Platforms that strive to continuously improve the investment and advice process are out there but haven’t always been easy to find. Until now… Could you define what sets a ‘progressive’ platform apart? There’s likely more than one answer to this conundrum, but here’s our rundown of where we believe the differences lie… 1. Progressive platforms..

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What we’ve learned from our adviser clients in 2023

30/08/2023 - News

It’s been an eventful year so far for the financial planning market, with advisers at the forefront of much of it. So how are they feeling and what do they think about the future? Our adviser clients are our most valuable sources of insight. Throughout 2023 we’ve asked the audiences of our monthly adviser webinars..

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Countering client calls for cash comforts

01/08/2023 - Feature articles

With some savings rates topping 6% and a mortgage costs crisis, clients can be forgiven for at least asking about cash. But there is a cost to not staying invested, as Morningstar’s Ed Fane explains… You’d need to go back to April 2008 for the last time the base rate stood at 5%. Then, as..

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We are Morningstar Wealth – here’s what this means (and doesn’t mean) for financial advisers

01/08/2023 - Feature articles

The last 12 months have been an exciting period for Morningstar Wealth, writes Mark Sanderson, with some significant new developments.   The Morningstar Investment Conference (MIC), held in London on 4 July, was the ideal opportunity to share with advisers some key developments across our business. First and foremost was the unveiling by Morningstar CEO..

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Addressing the advice gap: Three key insights

31/05/2023 - Feature articles

New research underlines what we know to be true: that there is an unmistakeable financial advice gap in the UK. However, three new insights suggest how it can be addressed, writes Derek Smith The advice gap is really a story of two gaps. There is the gap you’ve read about before, between those individuals who..

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Inflation, investment performance, cash: The issues keeping your clients up at night

27/05/2023 - News

Even advised clients are not immune to the financial anxieties sweeping through the rest of the population, writes Ben Lester. Investors are facing continually challenging times. It could have felt like the longest bull market run in history would go on forever, until it was stopped in its tracks by a global pandemic. While markets..

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Platform due diligence has barely changed in a decade – now it must

27/05/2023 - Feature articles

To find your perfect platform partner, there are questions you simply must ask that you may not have asked five or 10 years ago, writes Roo Janda… Did you know that some advisers carry out their platform due diligence in the middle of their Christmas holidays? You might say that (joke coming up) they do..

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